Tishomingo County Cemeteries

Please submit your cemetery records and updates for researchers to share. Send your information to: msghn@outlook.com

If you know of a cemetery in the county that is not on our list, please let us know.

Allen Cemetery 342906N 0881915W
Antioch Cemetery 345105N 0881849W
Beall Cemetery 345402N 0881040W
Belmont Cemetery 343004N 0881244W
Belue Cemetery 343951N 0881642W
Bethany Cemetery 343615N 0881407W
Bethel Cemetery 345317N 0881647W
Bethlehem Cemetery 344002N 0881227W
Bishop Cemetery 344846N 0881549W
Blackard Cemetery 345713N 0882045W
Boggs Chapel Cemetery 344129N 0881356W
Bonds Cemetery 343156N 0881655W
Boothe Cemetery 344754N 0882005W
Burges Cemetery 342808N 0881216W
Burgess Cemetery 342802N 0881211W
Burnsville Cemetery 345007N 0881942W
Byram Cemetery 343157N 0881202W
Camp Ground Cemetery 345334N 0881147W
Carpenter Cemetery 344919N 0881746W
Carter Branch Cemetery 343957N 0880811W
Chapel Hill Cemetery 345226N 0882031W
Clement Cemetery 345345N 0880757W
Cotton Springs Cemetery 343152N 0881843W
Curtis Cemetery 345605N 0881338W
Dean Cemetery 343538N 0881731W
Epps Cemetery 342940N 0881056W
Fairview Cemetery 343030N 0881522W
Forest Grove Cemetery 343655N 0880945W
Gover Cemetery 344745N 0881242W
Hale Cemetery 343135N 0881207W
Hebron Cemetery 344817N 0881605W
Highland Cemetery 343709N 0881230W
Hodge Cemetery 344327N 0881347W
Holder Cemetery 344725N 0881823W
Holder Cemetery 344828N 0881952W
Hubbard Cemetery 345755N 0881153W
Jackson Camp Cemetery 343646N 0881756W
Joel Cemetery 343243N 0881318W
Johnson Cemetery 345329N 0881910W
Johnson Cemetery 345917N 0881219W
Kirk Cemetery 344806N 0881427W
Lambs Chapel Cemetery 345619N 0882048W
Lindsey Cemetery 343235N 0881323W
Little Flock Cemetery 344728N 0882004W
Mackeys Creek Cemetery 343650N 0881948W
Mann Cemetery 343109N 0880954W
Martin Cemetery 343958N 0880854W
McRae Cemetery 343053N 0881552W
Moore Cemetery 343040N 0881718W
Moores Chapel Cemetery 345038N 0881329W
Mount Gilead Cemetery 344800N 0881537W
Mount Joy Cemetery 344629N 0881144W
Mount Moriah Cemetery 344830N 0881408W
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 343554N 0881637W
Mulberry Cemetery 345355N 0881847W
New Bethel Cemetery 342932N 0881457W
New Lebanon Cemetery 344312N 0881950W
New Prospect Cemetery 344600N 0881314W
North Cross Roads Cemetery 345516N 0881524W
Nunley Cemetery 344406N 0880812W
Nunley Cemetery 344520N 0880829W
Oak Grove Cemetery 344909N 0881153W
Old Bethel Cemetery 342752N 0881549W
Old Pleasant Hill Cemetery 345607N 0881550W
Old Union Cemetery 343411N 0881000W
Opossum Trot Cemetery 345055N 0881945W
Palestine Cemetery 344017N 0881606W
Paradise Cemetery 343905N 0881104W
Patrick Cemetery 345424N 0881355W
Phillips Cemetery 343223N 0881636W
Pittsburg Cemetery 343252N 0881153W
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 345447N 0881720W
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 344629N 0881125W
Popular Springs Cemetery 345726N 0881456W
Rowland Mills Cemetery 344609N 0882044W
Salem Cemetery 344215N 0881109W
Salem Cemetery 345302N 0881533W
Sardis Cemetery 344517N 0881840W
Shady Grove Cemetery 344756N 0881049W
Shady Grove Cemetery 345458N 0882121W
Short Creek Cemetery 345530N 0881124W
Snowdown Cemetery 344817N 0880818W
South Crossroads Cemetery 344330N 0881609W
Spring Hill Cemetery 344353N 0881330W
Stephens Cemetery 343748N 0881741W
Stricklen Cemetery 344321N 0881857W
Tishomingo Cemetery 343837N 0881400W
Toenail Cemetery 344946N 0881003W
Trollinger Cemetery 343327N 0881848W
Union Chapel Cemetery 343321N 0881532W
White Cemetery 342934N 0881043W
Whitehurst Cemetery 345228N 0882149W